CANCER NEWS: Cancer Treatment is out – under scrutinization

Cancer is one of the most threatened disease in the world today, and this disease is in all continent as trade mark.


It is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Many people have been ignorant and despite the news spreading over, while some are busy trying to get out of it.


Cancer is a dangerous disease and its a class of substance that are directly responsible for destroying DNA. asbestos arsenic, radiation which includes x – rays and gamma rays, smoke from cars the sun and also tobacco, these are examples of what causes cancer.

There are about 200 various types of cancer and here are the common types covered in individual knowledge center articles


1. Anal
2. Colorectal
3. Colon
4. Breast
5. Kidney
6. Liver
7. Prostate
8. Bone
9. Pancreatic
10. Kidney
11. Cervical
12. Vaginal
13. Stomach
14. Bladder
15. Testicular
16. Lymphoma
17. Ovarian
18. Vulvar
19. Thyroid
20. Endometrial

According to report, it has shown that in united state, cancer is the second highest most common death and also, it accounts for for nearly one out of four deaths.

It has also revealed by world health organization that the there were 14 million new cases and about 8.2 million cancer related deaths in 2012 which is the most recent data.

Many people in the world who have cancer related disease are putting in their best to take any type of drug just to survive, by so doing, they end up taken all sort of drugs that shorten their lifespan or even taking their lives.

Its has shown that cancer drug is a lucrative business all over the world and in united state alone, cancer drugs now make up 11.5 percent of the total drugs costs, and the world in general, we discovered that the world spent 107 billion dollars on cancer drugs alone.

Those who smile to the banks are definitely those who manufacture cancer drugs, and this report has shown how lucrative the drug market is, that is why companies who are into manufacturing of drugs are busy working and hustling hard to develop new and better treatments.

Research has shown that most drugs are and treatments are very harmful and poisonous to human health and these gradually takes a human’s life which result to hair lose and their colors, such person becomes weak and thin


Drugs are now well designed to treat and wipe away cancer in shortest possible time. presently, there is a model drug leading the way which is called the GLIVEC, its also known to be ST1571.

It has been reported that the drug is very active against leukemia, or CML of which about 7,000 Americans are diagnosed with CML each year.

And also if move to understand the abnormalities that drives it, then we can target the cancer with an effective non toxic therapy.

Many known doctors are well moved by this drug and also appreciate the usefulness to human.

Presently, Food and Drug Administration for treatment of CML is looking deeply into the drug called GLIVEC before the drug will be into circulation in few months to come.

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