Rice news: Buy Rice At 7,000naira per Bag, Thanks to Local Production

Nigeria is passing through Economic crisis and hardship which had lead to the production of local rice. According to the this present government, it was said that they will look into agriculture with zeal.

cheap rice

Although the price of a bag  is up to almost N20,000 per bag, local production has ensured that Nigerians will be able to get it at a far cheaper rate.

rice at cheaper rate now

Reports indicate that an increased in the production in Niger, Enugu and Kebbi have helped ensure that the grown in Nigeria is now cheaper. ‘Made in Nigeria Rice from Niger State at N7,000 only. And by the time the Enugu and Kebbi hit the market next month, expect a price crash’.

Niger State now sells at N7,000 while ‘Labana  from Kebbi state also in the market 50kg bag sells for N13, 000.

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