BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) from Airtel Nigeria is the ideal mobile enterprise product that keeps you connected to your office, while you’re on the go!
Why BlackBerry Enterprise Solution from Airtel Nigeria?
·         Simplicity Unlike other wireless solutions that require users to “log in” to check their email, Blackberry is “Always On, Always Connected”. If you send an email it is automatically sent to the Blackberry enabled handheld device.
·         Security Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.1 supports End-to-End encryption. All communications between the wireless handheld and the BlackBerry server are encrypted using Triple DES (3DES). Because the BlackBerry server is installed behind your enterprise firewall, your information is never sent in plain text. BlackBerry has achieved FIPS-140-2 certification making it deployable in environments where security is a priority.
·         Manageability Tight integration with the mail Server means you can take advantage of your existing infrastructure. BlackBerry runs as a Windows Service. This lets you manage all of your user’s settings through a familiar interface giving them full control over the mobile environment through the use of custom “IT Policies”.
·         Extensibility BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 features BlackBerry’s Mobile Data Service (MDS), the easiest way to access enterprise data on your BlackBerry wireless Handheld. Using MDS you can wirelessly enable intranet applications quickly and easily.
·         is a back-end system that is installed behind your corporate firewall
·         is the ideal solution for organizations with their own email and data infrastructure
·         integrates with your organization’s messaging platform and other corporate application servers
·         offers push delivery of email messages and data from behind the firewall to your BlackBerry device(s)
·         is a choice of 3 BlackBerry devices for your staff



·         Push technology
·         Corporate data access
·         Wireless activations and provisioning
·         Wireless email synchronization
·         Wireless backup
·         Attachment viewing
·         Remote address lookup
·         High security
·         On-device help
·         Instant Messaging and WorldMate Pro (12-month licenses) included
·         BIS service included free of charge
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