Best tips on how to unlock a modem

Fast and easiest way to unlock any modem that keeps showing you to insert a pin.

Zain modem, Glo modem, Orange modem (Argh!) Well, Unlocking your modem enables you to use your one modem on several networks whether local or networks in other countries. And get it done for FREE. Yes, just what you have been looking for!

unlock a modem tips


There are many ways to unlock a modem so easy that even a kind can do it easily without hesitating,

  • Copy this link:
  • Save it in your Notepad or Word or just write it down
  • Check at the bottom side of your modem, or (for Zain modem) below where you put the Sim Card. Look for IMEI number. You’ll find two numbers S/N and IMEI. Just copy the IMEI number.
  • Now, go to the link you wrote down and replace the long number with your IMEI number for : [Don’t forget the ‘=’ sign]
  • Now copy the new link with your IMEI number and enter it in your browser. A page will open with IMEI, Unlock Code, Flash. Ignore the rest and copy the Unlock Code.
  • Now insert a foreign SIM card to your modem (any other SIM card for the modem to unlock e.g if Saf modem, enter a Yu line).
  • When you put it into your computer, a dialog box appears asking: Enter Unlock Code. Now enter the Unlock Code you copied, and voila! You have unlocked your modem.
  • Tip: To save time you can just open the link to unlock on your mobile phone to get your unlock code fast.unlock a modem
  • After unlocking your modem, you can create a network profile for the network, which is easier than it sounds.

Another simplest method to unlock a modem.Web-based generator (put your 15-digit IMEI at the end):

  1. It automatically generates your unlock code.So easy and very simple

I hope this little idea helps.

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