Beach Buggy Racing Full Game Review and Download Beach Buggy

The blasts, the drifts, the projectiles, the propelling, THE RACING. Check out the most stupendous game ever developed, Beach Buggy Racing by Vector Unit in the year 2014. Beach Buggy Racing is a Race video game that is available to play on XBox one, IOS, Andriod, and the playstation 4.

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is animated with cartoon-like graphical animations, transcendent sound clips, and awesomely amazing looking characters; Dont get crushes on them!!! This video game features modes like the championship; where you get to be a champ, the daily challenge; where you race for bigger prices, and so much more you will get to know.

Mind Blowing Features

Just as you have read, this game can blow up your mind through this features you will be thrilled to know:

Beach Buggy Racing | Split Screen Mode

The Split screen mode provides allowance to connections with controllers via bluetooth. Connect controllers to enjoy the game more, the mobile phone screen becomes the displayer and the controllers becomes the operator. What is pressed on the controller operates at the mobile phone screen.

Beach Buggy Racing | Quick Race Mode

The quick race mode is a quick begin of the game. Whereby players, plays the game to grab just the fun and to begin a sharp time racing with their favourite characters.

Beach Buggy Racing | Championship Mode

To become the best, you have to beat the best. Play Championship mode race with PROs and win bigger prices but remember you are racing with a Pro. To unlock this mode, a race between player and Boss in the career mode, Leilani must be beaten first. Vehicle upgrades help.

Beach Buggy Racing | Career Mode

Career Mode is the series of events to be won in other to become a Pro and to complete the game. It is the first stage of the Beach Buggy Racing.

Beach Buggy Racing | Daily Challenges

This mode is a challenge to win prices as in coins. There are amazing battles in this mode such as: the beat the time event, the shortcut finding, the racing and a whole lot more of great challenges.

Characters of Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing racers you should know about:

Beach Buggy Racing Character | Rez

Rez i a guy that does not talk much but he lets his driving do the talking. Rez has a special ability known as the Burning Rubber, a fast boost with a firey trail that makes the opponent drop and roll.

Character | Mcskelly

Mcskelly is a rogue ghost pirate lost at sea. He has a strong taste for fast cars and loose treasure. Who is a pirate without his treasures? Mcskelly has the ability of a Ghost ride, that summons the power of Davy Jones to drive through cars and weapons.

Character | Disco Jimmy

Disco Jimmy is obsessed with racing, dancing and making romance. Yeah He is so good with that. Disco Jimmy possesses the ability of Dance Fever, he infects his opponents with the urge to dance and passes them while they are dancing.

Character | B’Zorp

B’Zorp is an alien that loves sitcoms from the 80s. His Telezorp abilities enables the inter dimensional
change of positions.

Character | Oog Oog

Oog Oog is a powerful tiki sorcerer and a fierce opponent. His Tiki Curse calls upon the power of the tiki gods to confuse the other racers.

Character | Leilani

Leilani is a racer that enjoys tattoos, surfing, flowers, rainbows, unicorns, glitter and world peace. Her Flower Powers stops racers in their tracks.


Beach Buggy Racing is controlled by either of the Tilt control mode or the directions control mode. The objective of the game is to race against fearless racers and to complete certain tasks. The display screen, tap on any available power up to boost your racing and to make good hits in other to pass an opponent.

Remember to always drift while turning, for it gives score and aids sharp turnings. To drift tap Brake while turning. Always watch ahead so as to avoid fatal accidents or crashes. Play the Daily Challenges daily while playing Beach Buggy Racing. Enjoy the blast.

How To Download Beach Buggy Racing

To Download Beach Buggy Racing, visit either of the websites
Or make use of the google search bar with the keyword, Beach Buggy Racing. Go get Beach Buggy Racing now and enjoy the THRILL.

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