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What is bcomplete.com

bcomplete.com is a website set aside for all users / customers of john hancock retirement. The users will be able to view their account balance.

Users of the bcomplete.com can only access their account on the bcomplete.com website with their serial number. However, they can make any changes on the way their john hancock 401k account is been invested on and make further changes of their choice on the john hancock 401k.

What is 401 k (401k)

401 k are savings from an employee paycheck which is been removed from their salary before tax deduction and any other fee. The 401k are kept for a long time retirement.

The 401 k originated in the 1980s as a section for tax code to complement employee, but comes back to them inform of pension. Pension 401k funds are usually managed by the employee’s employer at any firm/organisation.

You should already have an idea of what the New york life 401k and john hancock 401k could be like. Pension 401k are usually managed by companies that are history and reliance to the employee.

What is New york life 401k

New york life 401k is a plan targeted to New york. This is how it works, employee applies for the new york life 401k plan, which, of cause they have to provide some of their credentials/personal information.

401k plan, certain amount of money will be deducted every month from the employee’s salary to his or her 401k. Which will be kept and invested for their future retirement.

what is john hancock 401k / john hancock

john hancock is a company that deals with retirements. john hancock 401k is a retirement plan for it’s users. john hancock 401k come with over 44,000 plans which it’s users/participants are over 2 millions.

With billions of companies offering 401k retirement plans, trust is what really matters. However, investing a reputable company is not really easy. Hence the best are still out their.

john hancock have been around for years now, and ranking Number 1 in 2010 on the retirement plan income. However, john hancock company also offer 457b, 403b and some other IRA investment account which is in addition with the popular 401k.

You should know this about john hancock

John hancock Financial service is popular and has a good record over the years. In the year 2003, a company named Manulife Financial corporation gained acquisition/purchased John hancock Financial service for more than $10 billion US dollars.

This also made investors get a very big satisfaction on the complete investment choice. The John hancock Financial service started in 1862 and as at then, their headquarters was located at Congress Street Boston, Massachusetts. However, the company today now provides life insurance, retirement services and many more services.

Requirements for john hancock 401k – new york life 401k and other Plans

Yes, since you have to visit the bcomplete.com website to access your account, then you should already know that you will definitely need internet connection.

These are the things needed before accessing the john hancock bcomplete platform:

  1. Access to any computer
  2. Computer should have access to internet connection

How to register on bcomplete.com john hancock retirement plan

  • You should have internet access and a PC to register on the bcomplete john hancock website.
  • Also ensure you have an email as well. You can read how to create a Gmail account here or Yahoomail here.
  • The registration process should take less than 2 – 3 minutes.

You can visit the company’s official website at: www.bcomplete.com to get started.

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