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Badoo is a dating focused social networking service founded in 2006 badoo has it headquater in south hall london, the site operate in 180 countries and is most popular in latin americal, spain, italy and france. rank as 157 most popular website in the world according to alexis internet as of april 2014 the site operate on a free mail model to gain extra features a user can pay to allow badoo to email his or her friends

Lots of people don’t know what badoo is all about they feel it is a social media for bad people because of the way the name sound and even in Nigeria there a is popular artiest called Olamide with one of his track called badoo at first I tot Olamide is the owner of I really didn’t pick interest on this wonderful social media not on till I stumbled upon badoo app. is a site where all singles both male and female get hook up all over the globe with badoo search you can hook up with different singles all over the horizon 90% of badoo user meet their life partners on this great dating site if new users can fine their soul mate on this site you too can get hook up its very easy all you need is to sign up badoo and create your profile for other single to get to see you on this free dating sites

Sign up create badoo account

For you to be a user you need to complete the badoo sign up process this process is very easy and fast just like letting the Water out of your mouth here is how to create an account and the things you need to create a badoo account

  1. A pc or a mobile device that is internet enable
  2. A working Email address
  3. User must be above the age of 18

How to create an account

1.  go to- on the browsers of any device you are using that’s the home page
2.  at the right hand side of the home page were you see First time on Badoo fill in your details such as

• First name
• Birthday
• Your city
• Gender
• Email address

3.  after filling in your details hit the sign up button with the green and white icon
4.  you need to visit you email for confirmation mail from badoo to activate your account
5.  click on the Complete my registration icon on blue in the mail and it we redirect you to your page

You can now meet with singles all over the globe both black and white, pretty ladies and handsome guys ready to meet their life partner

How to get more visitors and likes on Badoo

badoo dating site goes social, local and mobile this determine the way in which it help us find single (male or female) interact with existing friends and meet new people, badoo dating site is a perfect combination of both social, and mobile over 60% of the users actually go on social local mobile to meet each other in real life.

To fine singles on badoo you need to login to your account to be able to search for other users on the  home page you can see list of popular users you can add them to your favourite to be able to see them again you can give a gift this features require badoo credit you can increase your popularity with badoo credit

How to get badoo credit

1. To get credit login to your account
2. At the top of your account were you see credit click on the credit icon
3. Hit the refill credits now icon
4. You can buy credit with different way

• Credit Card
• Account
• Pay by mobile
• Bitcoin

How to buy badoo credit with Credit Card

Note that your credit card is your default ATM card it is the ATM card given to you by your bank that is been use for withdrawer over the ATM machine the accepted card are

Step 1. click on the Credit Card icon where you see the visa card logo

badoo credit

How to buy badoo credit with Credit Card

Step 2. enter your credit card number this number is located in front of the card it is a 16 digit number

badoo credit

Credit Card


Step 3. enter the name on the Card as it is on the Card for example the name is CARDHOLDER NAME and you enter NAME CARDHOLDER its wrong enter the name as it is CARDHOLDER NAME

badoo credit

Credit Card

Step 4. enter the Expiry date on of the card it is located on top of the card holder name and it is only the month and year they are both like this 11/12

badoo credit

Credit Card

Step 5. enter the Security code of the card this is located at the back of the card it is a 3 digit number

badoo credit

Credit Card

Step 6. click the pay by card icon to buy badoo credit

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