CANCER NEWS: Cancer Treatment is out – under scrutinization


Cancer is one of the most threatened disease in the world today, and this disease is in all continent as trade mark. It is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Many people have been ignorant and despite the news spreading over, … Continue reading

Facebook | Signup | Log in | Features of is a social networking service where users can register by creating a user profile, add other Facebook users as ”friends”,post status updates,photos/videos and life events, exchange messages,subscribe and like various applications and also receive notifications from the applications and when others(friends) also update their profiles. Furthermore,after registering on,users … Continue reading

TrackR Bravo Tiny Device Allows You Track anything


TrackR is a Tracking device. The concept of trackR is to help it’s users track anything. Yes anything, it could be your bunch of key, phones, wallets, bag, your Dog, laptop, and even track your Boy friend, girlfriend/partners :-). etc… anything. It was found by a company based in California. … Continue reading

Donald Trump to Tender Speech on Immigration on Wednesday


Donald trump, the presidential candidate has open up on Sunday night saying that he will tender a major speech on illegal immigration in Arizona on Wednesday. Trump’s Immigration speech According to Donald trump, he said he will be making a big and major speech on illegal immigration on Wednesday in … Continue reading

10 key food to boost your sperm count


• Bananas Bananas are effective at increasing sperm count, since they contain a rare enzyme called Bromelain. Bromelain is also found in pineapples, and mostly  in their stem. Beromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme  which also boosts greater production of the male X hormone, testosterone (Source: Dr. Oz). Bananas are also … Continue reading

Trump begins economic speech with Clinton attack

Trump begins economic speech with Clinton attack

WASHINGTON (AP) — 12:30 p.m. Donald Trump is beginning an economic policy speech in Detroit by going after Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. He says she supports policies that have shipped jobs overseas. He says, “she is the candidate of the past. Ours is the campaign of the future.” Donald Trump … Continue reading