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Angry birds is a video game series franchise created by Rovio Entertainment. The first of the series of Angry birds was released on the Apple iOS store in 2009 and was purchased 12million times by October on the Apple store.

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The company then released versions of the game compatible with Android, Symbian and Windows Phone operating systems. versions of the mega successful Angry Birds being created for PCs and gaming consoles.

The popularity and adoption has grown. Since then till about two billion downloads and by mid 2015. It has been downloaded three billion times claiming the record of the most downloaded freemium game series (freemium: Offering basic services for free while charging a premium for advanced or special features).

The Angry birds franchisee is taking it a little step further with an animated feature film planned to be released on May 20, 2016 by Columbia Pictures; the American-Finnish 3D animated comedy and is based on the video game series.

The Angry bird movie is to be directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis,the movie will also star Jason Sudeikis,Josh Gad and Danny McBride amongst others as its cast. The angry bird can be downloaded from Google Playstore and App Store

How to play Angry birds [Step by Step Guide]

To begin to enjoy the experience you have to first download the angry bird game from your Android, Apple and windows store, or visit the official Angry birds website

You would both find the free and premium version. It is also available for PCs as a trial version,you can purchase the activation key to unlock the full version.

Getting started after you have downloaded it is quiet easy, you aim is to get rid of the pigs blocked by a glass,stone or wood. To do this, you are to pull the sling containing the angry bird backward, carefully aiming the pigs and the obstacle then release your fingers.

For those using PCs you would be require to use your mouse rather than your fingers. The process would be repeated until u have used up all your birds. Points would be given to you based on how well you hit your target.

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Note that the birds differ in color and the difference in colour is not just for making the game look colorful,each color have different functions,

Features of Angry Birds

Red bird:

The red angry bird dors not have any special effects other than being able to be catapulted into the pigs. It is the most ordinary

Pink bird:

Useful in disrupting the bottoms of tall towers. Though its small but when released it levitates objects with bubbles.

Orange Bird:

This bird is small as well but when released and it hits its target it swells up to big proportions. They are useful in penetrating tight corners.

Big brother Bird:

This bird is similar to the red bird but it seems to be more powerful

Blue bird:

This bird is most effective in breaking glass obstacles. When the blue bird is released and you tap the screen it splits into three mini birds.

Yellow bird:

This bird is most effective for conquering the wood obstacles, its special feature is that it moves very fast.

Black bird:

works effectively for stones, tap the screen and it explodes instantly.

White bird:

Also works effectively for the stone obstacles,tap the screen and it will drop an explosive egg.

Green bird:

This bird works like a boomerang, when you tap the screen the green angry bird will fly back.

Big Brother bird:

The big brother can be said to be a more bigger and powerful version of the res bird.

Mighty eagle:

This particular feature is a paid for feature. It is used on an unsolved level,when ussd on an unsolved level you will not get any star for using it.

To make use of the mighty eagle, Press the button appearing at the top of the screen,a sardine can would appear after pressing the button. Launch the sardines and the mighty eagle will appear.

while playing the game learn to observe and use the trajectory

Angry Birds Quick Tips:

For you to proceed to the next level of the game you need to get rid of all obstacles.

To help you advance further, you should observe the trajectory line as a guide on the correct direction where you should launch your next bird.

Angry Birds Free download and Review How to Play (2)There are seven different groups of levels in the game. Complete a group of levels and unlock another group of levels in the game.

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How to Download Angry Birds

  • From Playstore: CLICK HERE (This is only for Android users)
  • From Apple Store: CLICK HERE (This is only for IOS users: iPhone, iPad, etc…)

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