Algeria is set again to break record come end of the year, the world’s largest mosque in Algeria is about to get ready and the world Arab nations are set to witness the opening of the mosque.


The mosque called Djamaa El Djazair mosque will include a million book library, and will accommodate up to 120,000 worshipers and will boast a 270metres high minaret and is set to be the tallest minaret in the world.

According to the algeria government, through the housing department of the Algerian government said the building will be through by the end of the year which is December as deadline.

The contract was contracted to a Chinese firm called the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), which is said to be the third largest construction company in the world and also among the twenty largest general contractor in terms of oversea sales.

This is the company that is handling the project for the Algerians. the company assures the government saying the building will definitely last as its service of life for about 400 to 500 years.

The country is known for its civil war in the early 90’s which the Islamist and the government killed over 200,000 people. many people have been full of fears as the mosque is about to be erected, why some are overwhelmed saying this is one of the greatest thing done by the Algerian government.

Come December, the mosque is set to break record as the third biggest after mecca and Medina both in Saudi Arabia. in recent times, the Algerian government have been saying that the dream as come to be a reality to them as they wait and look foreword to the opening of the the new mosque.
Many critics have been blaming the government of not making use of the money to do something better and encouraging such as building of roads and also hospitals to really improve the health care system. presently the Algerian government is facing revenue shortage due to the weaker oil prices in the world market.

So many people have been have been saying more about the earthquake which is has raise issues just because of the one that took place in 2003. An earthquake expert abdelakrim chelghoum has made the government known saying that a seismic study has been conducted by a German based firm underestimating the risk of an earthquake damaging the mosque….

Other features in the mosque includes:

1. Its will serve as a tourist centre to Algerian government
2. It will house about 300 students to attend the Koranic school
3. Culture will be placed due to the ultra modern library
4. Serve as house of worship for all Muslims faith
5. It will also serve

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