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Airtel Bundle for Blackberry (bis)

In line with the ever growing communication needs of staying touch with family, friends and business associates in a convenient and cost-effective manner, Airtel Nigeria has introduced extended flexible and tiered subscription plans for the BlackBerry Service.

Welcome to the Airtel Bundle for Blackberry service!
This innovative, convenient service comes in two (2) iterations meeting particular consumer needs;
1.       SocialThis service is designed for heavy users of social media. It grants subscribers access to social media staples including facebook, twitter and my space; in addition subscribers will enjoy access to Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger! And of course BlackBerry Messenger at a more attractive cost. And we have thrown in NGN100 worth of free SMS messages for good measure – to keep in touch with your old school contacts.
Subscribers to the Social plan do not have access to emails or the internet (web browsing) on their BlackBerry handset.
2.       MessagingThis plan is designed for users who are email junkies be it for personal or business purposes. The Messaging plan gives users access to up to ten (10) email accounts (including the opportunity to get a personalized email address form BlackBerry and Airtel Nigeria in the format and the ubiquitous BlackBerry Messenger service. No better way to stay in touch! You will also enjoy the NGN100 worth of free SMS messages with this plan.
Subscribers to this service do not have access to social media or the internet (web browsing) on their BlackBerry handset.
NGN100 worth of SMSes available for monthly plan only.
The tables below summarize relevant information:
Activation Codes & Pricing for Airtel Bundle for Blackberry options
Comparison of Airtel Bundle for Blackberry Plans
Features of Blackberry suite of products

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