5 things you should know before buying an iPhone

Top 5 things you should know before buying an iPhone


The iPhone is an excellent smartphone which performs most tasks with speed and aplomb. It may be the phone of choice to many people for various reasons. But as with any technology product, it has its own shortcomings. So if you are buying an iPhone, you should go through these points and balance out your decision before buying one.

1.     Exchange Mail Set-up and Working

If you own a mac, you will notice that when you enter your email credentials such as username and password in the MS Exchange the Mail Client automatically pulls up the exchange details and sets up mail for you. This does NOT happen on an iPhone. You will need to enter your complete address which you type into a browser to access mail such as http://www.donotclickonthislink.com/owa and then enter your domain (if there is one) to set it up. IPhone mail also has a number of shortcomings which are but not limited to:

  • Junk Characters getting included in the mails sent,
  • Mail font sent is not customize-able and people will see an ugly Times New Roman font,
  • Mail sometimes doesn’t download all the contents and you’ll have to scroll down, find a button ”Download remaining”, sometimes several times before mail can be viewed
  • If you try viewing a mail immediately after it lands in your inbox, you will sometimes see garbled characters instead of the mail itself

  • Notes doesn’t synchronize itself so if you’re looking to pull up the notes you created on your outlook you won’t be able to
  • You cannot mark a message as unread or flag it for follow up later
  • You will not be able to sync two exchange accounts together
  • You will not be able to create an email and attach documents though you can insert pictures

2.     Contacts

There are some niggling but issues in the contacts department too.

  • You can’t create groups of contacts but only favorite contacts so you can add them one by one when you want to group text someone

  • Pulling up of contact information while on email for an exchange service address list is not possible but I would have settled with typing the contact name on contacts to search on the fly. Nope, not happening. You will have to go back to the groups that the phone has created, select the exchange address book and then type in the contact name to pull up the details
  • Sharing of a contact through text message is not possible even to other iPhones.

3.     Calendar

In you are moving from a Nokia based smartphone, you’ll be surprised to find that you will not be able to forward a meeting invite that you received from someone in a calendar onto your other colleagues. Searching for a particular event over the last few months is not possible. Choosing and viewing a particular date 2 years back means that you’ll have to press a lot of back buttons which is time consuming.

4.     Phone

Remember you type an alphabet key on your blackberry and it shows all the contacts starting with that alphabet? Not possible on an iPhone. Another issue I’ve noticed is that when travelling from one country to another, I would not have saved the contact with the country code in my home country but while travelling, if I am in an another country and need to call someone from my recently dialed list, there is no way to edit the recently dialed list unless I go back to the contacts and change the information saved on the contact. Copy paste is finally available but once you copy paste a number into the phone area, there is no way to edit that pasted number e.g. To add a series of numbers like 001161 to append to the pasted number.

iPHONE mind blowing

5.     File Storage

I cannot use the iPhone as a storage device if I want to store useful information or a file of two. There are apps you can download to store files but none of those allow you to transform your phone into a USB storage device so you can control the files stored on the phone. All music storage needs to be controlled only with iTunes. You cannot delete a song you don’t like from the iPhone directly.

Of course users have other gripes like notifications etc., but most of them will be fixed with an iOS 5 upgrade coming very shortly. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a splendid device and you are more likely to enjoy its features than crib about its shortcomings but you would just need to make sure how highly the above rank in your list of priorities before swiping that plastic of yours. Enjoy your iPhone if you get one and let us know how you find it.


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