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2go is a mobile social media that run basically on mobile phone,with blue and white icon as it’s logo. 2go app is very fast and easy to use, it is a social media that enable user to communicate with their friends and love ones all around the globe.


connect 2go to Facebook, Gtalk

The app was launched in south Africa in the year 2007. During that time (2007-2009), most user of 2go didn’t know more about 2go this is a wonderful social media that enable users to chat with their Facebook friends The people that created this app made it more interesting
by introducing various level of stars from novice to ultimate, which made it more competitive between friends.


There are some vital features that can be find in 2go

  1. How to connect your Facebook to your 2go account.
    2. How to add friend from your mobile address book.
    3. How to use your Gtalk on your 2go app.
    4. How to get free gocredit.
    5. How to upload your profile picture on 2go.
    6. How to share gocredit with your friend.



  1. Go to google play store,
    2. Click on the search bar on your google play store, enter the key word 2go.
    3. The next app you see is the 2go app with blue and white icon,
    4. Click on the app at the right hand side, click download.


  1. Open any browser or internet on your java phone,
    2. Enter the url or, in the url tool bar of ur browser
    3. The next page is the home page for 2go download, you will see two icon
    asking you to download version v4.1.3 or download 2go older version
    4. Click on any of the version to start downloading


Creating an account is free for all users. this is how to create a 2go account.

  1. After app is been downloaded on your phone, run the app,
    2. The next page you see is the 2go home page asking you to confirm your country
    and enter your mobile number,
    3. Select your country and enter your mobile number,
    4. hit the continue icon, the next page is a pop up page to confirm your mobile number.
    5. If you are already on 2go, it we automatically sign you in with your
    mobile number. if you don’t have an account, a sign up page for new
    account will comes up for you to create a new account.
    6. Fill in your detail such as full name, username, date of birth and so on.
    7. Click the sign up button.
    Now you can start chatting with friends with the app you can add users from your address book .


Facebook is one of the most popular social media that have the highest amount of user online and you can chat with your Facebook friends with 2go application.

It is the easiest way to stay connected with your Facebook friend here is how to connect your Facebook account.

  1. Click on add friend, a new page will open asking you if you want to add friends from address book, by
    mobile number, by username, meet someone, Facebook, Gtalk
    2. Click on Facebook, another page will open asking for your Facebook username and your password
    3. Type your Facebook username and password (the password is case sensitive e.g Jane wrong,
    jane or JANE correct)
    4. A notification will be sent to you.


So many people have been writing different article on how to get free gocredit from internet. Some time ago, I tried my self but didn’t work out not on till I stumble upon this great trick to get free gocredit. This is one easy way to get free gocredit on your account.

  1. Click on rooms on your App, a page will display with different word like my favorites,
    advise, ages and so on,
    2. Click on game rooms on that page
    3. On the next page click on Gotriva or Gowords.
    if you can answer five question in a roll u will be given free Gocredit (take note competitors
    are much during the day time, but at night you can get much gocredit you want from the game rooms)

How to update your 2go status and upload profile picture

  1. Run the app if you are using an android phone this tutor is for you
    2. Where you see the 2go icon with your user name click on the icon
    3. This next page is your App profile page by clicking on the camera icon  it we then take you to a select  source window for pictures
    4. You can either select camera to take a picture or gallery to upload a photo from your gallery
    5. You can click on your status to update your 2go status
    6. To edit your personal information on your App click on the pen icon close to your user name by the right here you can start editing your personal information.
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