19 best websites to watch free movies online without downloading

People always surf the internet daily looking for sites where they can watch online movies for free without downloading. Below are lists of sites to check or use when you want to watch free online movies, without downloading.


19 Best sites for free movies online without downloading:

Below are top websites that offers free online movies.


This site offers you the choice to watch your desired videos, original programs which you can’t find elsewhere and popular TV series. You are allowed to watch videos for free without downloading, charges and registration. You can access Crackle either on their app or you can visit their site directly at www.crackle.com


Watch videos online for free, without downloading and registration. You will see a full list of best quality popular movies. Visit the official site at http://free-movies-online.pro/

Ozo Movies

Users can easily stream and watch free cinema movies online.You can access the site without signing up and for free too in safe and secure conditions. Go to website.informer.com/ozomovies.com to watch free movies online in HD.


This site is specially made for users residing in the United States. It is the best choice for you to view full seasons videos, original series, hit videos and current episodes of movies. Its free and does not require registration. Watch movies on PS3, Apple TV, Xbox and other devices on www.hulu.com now.

Free Movies Cinema

This site has categories of comedy, sci-fi, documentary, thriller, student videos, horror, animations and even short clips. Its totally free and does not require signing up.

Free Online Movie

Watch your films online for free and without registration too. It gives different options to watch free online films without downloading. Watch thriller, animation, action, horror, adventure, short films, classics, Tv series etc in HD.

Ice Films Tube

You can watch all films of your choice here without pay and registration. You can also leave comments, favorite views and rates. visit IceFilmsTube.com to watch cool movies now.


This is a truly unique site. It has two special features which endears users to it. The first is that its one of the sites if not the only one that gives access to current movies shown in cinemas. Its movies are always in full HD. It is also very simple to access and it has incredible free movies stream. Users can have access to these films for free and without signing up.


Watch popular and new films online for free and without signing up. New movies are streamed in full HD and users can access them at any time.


Watch free films without charges and downloading. Mostly Hollywood movies are found on this site.


Users can watch online films for free without signing up and downloading. There are no pop-up adverts, just streaming. They provide best user experience. Users are allowed to filter TV-shows and movies by genre, country and release date as well. Users can also send them requests about movies that they can’t find on the site. They offer HD quality.


Watch films and TV shows online for free. Over 9000 free streaming movies, TV shows and documentaries. No need for registration and it is easy to access.


View Free films Online and in full HD quality. SockShare is one of the best sites to watch free films online on the internet without registration. Users are given access to films shown in theaters always. Just click on any any movie you want and enjoy.


Watch Free films Online without signing up. Discover thousands of latest movies online on the site and enjoy the easy access offered to users.


View TV Series and videos online for Free with HD quality. Watch your best videos and latest movies everyday at all time. Best video collections for you and your family. Watch now for free without registration.


Watch TV shows and videos online for free and without registration. The site has more than 40838 videos and 4014 TV shows which are totally free.


View videos online for free and without charges. They have full length feature videos and streaming of videos too.


This is a good site to view free videos online. The site has good number of videos. They frequently update their database for new videos. You can view videos without signing up. The site allows users to access it with mobile devices and any other portable device.

They have good filtering system which helps users find their favorite videos easily. Some videos may not be available for streaming but they provide one option “only available to stream”. With the help of this feature, users can easily separate those videos which are available to watch online.


This is a newer inclusion to the top 25 free video site list, but it’s definitely worth it’s spot. The main page is orderly organized so that it is very easy for users to find the movie they are looking for. Each video has a ton of free video links for each video, so it should not be a problem to find a working link for free easily with this site. It does not require signing up.

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